De-stress with the ultimate in relaxation therapy.

Regular massage therapy aids in releasing tension and helps the bodies natural rejuvenation process. It is a great way to treat stress and anxiety.

Upon arrival the area will be prepared to create a relaxing atmosphere. We bring everything massage bed, towels, oils etc. all you need to do is enjoy; if requested we can use music and aromatherapy to help.

A deep tissue massage is excellent for those of you who are active or have problem areas such as muscular tension. The treatment will help target areas where rigid muscle tissue have formed causing pain, limited movement or blocked circulation. Injury recovery is also something a deep tissue massage will help. This therapy may not be suitable for everyone; a consultation will be carried out and each client assessed before treatment.

Pregnancy can be a difficult time to feel comfortable; book a pregnancy massage to reduce the stress, reduce swelling, improve blood circulation and help keep joints healthy.

Deep Tissue Back Massage = £35
Swedish Back Massage =
Indian Head Massage =
*Treatment Time = 30 minutes
Full Body Deep Tissue Massage = £60
Full Body Swedish Massage =
*Treatment Time = 60 minutes
Full Body Deep Tissue Massage = £80
Full Body Swedish Massage =
*Treatment Time = 90 minutes
Pregnancy Massage = £30
*Treatment Time = 30 minutes
Pregnancy Massage = £50
*Treatment Time = 60 minutes