Pamper Party Packages

Each of our packages allow you and your guests to pick between 1 and 4 of the treatments listed below (dependant package choice). Every individual at the party can select the treatments they want, to create a tailored experience for each guest.
  • Dermalogica Facial (mini)
  • Pedicure (mini)
  • Manicure (mini)
  • Make Up (mini)
  • Indian head massage
  • Leg and foot massage
  • Swedish massage

el Grande Party

The ultimate in luxury pampering. Each of your guests can pick from a wide range of mini treatments. Whether its relaxation or a new sexy look, the El Grande is sure to satisfy.

The ‘El Grande Party’ Package lets you pick 1 treatment per person, with each lasting 20 minutes. MIN 10 persons.

El Grande Package = £20 each
*Treatment Time = 1 X 20 minute treatment

The Luxury Works

Our all over pampering experience ‘The Luxury Works’ will let each of your guests select 3 treatments. This is the number one choice to give you and your guests a fresh new look and have the ultimate feel good experience.

‘The Luxury Works’ Package lets you pick 3 treatments per person, with each lasting 20 minutes. MIN 3 persons.

The Luxury Works Package = £55 each
*Treatment Time = 3 X 20 minute treatments

Spray Tan Party

Our spray tan party lets you and your friends have some fun in the comfort of your own home.

The ‘Spray Tan Party’ Package entitles each person to a full body spray using a specially formulated tanning product 'Tonight is the Night' that is ready between 2 - 4 hours form application and lasts 3 - 5 days.

Spray Tan Party = £17
*Price Per Person (Full Body) Minimum Persons 4

A Bit of Pampering

Perfect for smaller groups who want to have a bit of variety and pick more than one treatment, they can mix and match to suit their own needs.

Our ‘A Bit of Pampering’ Package lets you pick 2 treatments per person, with each lasting 25 minutes. MIN 4 persons.

A Bit of Pampering Package = £45 each
*Treatment Time = 2 X 25 minute treatments

Make Me Up Party

Have your make up done by an expert make up artist:

Make Me Up Party Package = £25 each
*Treatment Time = 1 X 30 minute treatment

The Princess Party (Aged 6 to 12)

Perfect for girly parties:

  • Fairy Make Up (eye shadow, lip gloss ,blusher)
  • Manicure (polish)
  • Pedicure (polish)

Treatments 1, 2 or 3 = £5, £7 or £10
*Consultation sheets will need to be filled in by parent or guardian for each person prior to treatment(s)